Sweaty Sheep

Welcome to Sweaty Sheep!      ...but "what the heck is 'Sweaty Sheep??"

We are the playfulpassionate, & colorful sheep who wandered from the flock in order to:   

  • Seek unity through diversity (oneness is far from sameness!)
  • move beyond the blind acceptance of "second hand religious" rituals, rules, and practices of the past
  • cultivate authentic community unrestricted by labels of homelessness, disablilty, faith affiliation, gender, age, race, etc... 
  • Laugh at ourselves (life is far too important ant to be taken seriously!)
  • Have fun!   Be it a surf, sail, hike, boardgame, ski-trip, etc... As the late Plato wrote, 'we grow more through an hour of play than a life of study and conversation.'
    Our Mission:    'To embrace RECREATION to break down social, economic, and Faith barriers.
    We value:   The unique gifts of each individual and seek to create a community of mutual growth.
  • We believe:  There is not one 'right' spiritual path... thus we strive to empower and support the unique faith journeys of each individual without proselytization.  So, though rooted in the Christian tradition, we see value in all faith teachings and encourage interfaith dialogue and co-learning.  
    We never:  exclude any genders, sexual orientations, religions, species (we are super pet friendly!), etc...     We like to focus on what unites, not divides us!

Enough reading... let us show you what we mean!

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  • California Events
  • Unbantu Acres… Cultivati...
  • Louisville Events
  • Runpossible
  • November Retreat!
  • California Events

California Events

(We are in the midst of forming a Santa Cruz chapter,

click here for a little info… Email Ryan@sweatysheep.com if you’d like to learn more about the program or have an interest in leadership.)

And Facebook “Friend” us today… everyone loves friends and you don’t want to miss an impromptu surf, sail, or hike invite!!!!



Upcoming… Hooray Dec festivities!!!  


  • March 9-16th join us at Zephyr Point for our Winter Ski Retreat!     Lakeside adjacent to Heavenly Ski resort…  1st come 1st serve on beds (we have 18) but floor/couches are plenty!

    Daily morning Yoga and devotion, ski options, communal dinner and nightly games and themed discussions around rotating theological/philosophical questions…   Email with interest!          Cost: Donation of any amount & a smile! 

    *Tuesdays 10-1pm volunteer garden day at Costonoa Commons… 335 Golfclub rd www.costonoacommons.org 
    Intentional Hike group…  Themed hikes with a focus on Gratitude and the Divine aspects of nature…
    • March 4th: Nicene Marks 1pm
    • March 25th (Palm Sunday) at Wilder Ranch Coastal Trail 1pm

    Week(s) to come special events:

    -Bowling with our shared Adventures buddies!   March 1st @ Boardwalk Bowl 3-5pm

    -Sat March 3rd: Join our buddies at Calvary for a Gender diversity afternoon from the The Diversity Center – Santa Cruz County… 1:00-4:00pm, Calvary Episcopal Church, Parish Hall Lincoln & Cedar Street (across from Nickelodeon) Santa Cruz, CA.

  • Sunday Feb 18:    Sweaty Sheep takeover of Santa Cruz Unitarian! 10am on Freedom Blvd
  • Sunday March 4th:  Greenhouse build at Costonoa and worship to follow themed around inclusivity and alternatively able populations.


Maundy Thursday (March 28th) we will host Dinner and worship at the Louden Nelson Center for 70-90 homeless friends for the Emergency winter shelter.    Inclusive worship honoring the somber day and a meal reflective of the Last Supper.


  • WE REGULARLY TAKE OVER REGIONAL CHURCHES…   Services will feature a ‘pop-up’ produce market as a farmers market simulation for our “God’s Garden” homeless community re-integration participants so come hungry… they will be making fresh juice and offering a variety of organic hydroponically/homeless grown produce! 

Uke Jam and Jabber Sessions…

Beginner Ukulele classes start February 6th and will be on Tuesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Capitola Village at Bodhi addiction Center!    Thisis a new offering and we can’t wait to grow our use-community .   Ukes available for $50 (or find your own) and these will have focused reflections on recovery and personal growth (we are all recovering from something and have room to grow!!!)


This one is going to be EPIC!!!

March 2018…         we have a 55 person cabin on the lake 3 miles from Heavenly and plenty of relationship forming, self/social activities, good food, spiritual/emotional/physical development opportunities, etc…

Email Ryan@sweatsheep.com with interest!   Last year was awesome!!!!



March 26th-29thth  Rev Ryan will be camped at the Moss Landing Harbor boatyard for a sailboat work week (and a side of surfing, kayaking, beach walking, etc…) Let us know if you can come give a few hours/days!


We are having a blast surfing and sailing!!!    We sail most Sundays around 1pm and surf at various times during the week.  Email Ryan@sweatysheep.com if you’d like to join either and always follow us on Facebook.    You don’t have to know how to do either, just need to know how to have fun!!!
Our new ‘Shepherd,’ Elijah Cooper, is helping to broaden our community by providing a bridge into the special needs populations of Santa Cruz and we have some exciting ways to get plugged in!            

Join him Monday & Friday 10:30-12:30pm at trescony gardens

Every other Thursday for Bingo 5-7pm at garfield Christian Church

and keep up at: https://www.sharedadventures.org


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  • Unbantu Acres… Cultivati...

Unbantu Acres… cultivating diverse community


Click here for our AMAZING BROCHURE!!

about this amazing hydroponic homeless community re-integration program…    We are indeed “sweaty” sheep as we continue putting our Orthodoxy into “Orthopraxy!”

We are thrilled to announce our first two “Homeless Gardeners” are no longer homeless!!!   Not only that, but with the ranch rocking and two mobile units placed, THESE GUYS ARE FEEDING PEOPLE!!!!   Stop by the vet center on Front St. Santa Cruz Wednesday at noon and sit with some special neighbors while feasting on fresh organic veggies!

Cultivating relationship, purpose, and organic veggies for all!

How can you help you ask?

  • Donations of gift cards: Help us provide for those who are working to provide for the community! These veterans are transitioning out of homelessness and any support towards food, transportation, social services, or therapeutic services (medical, nutritional, counseling, etc) is incredibly helpful.
  • Purchase a Garden: We have matched up with Tower Aeroponic systems and each garden sold earns a crew member a $50 deposit into their new savings account!  Part of our work lies in teaching financial literacy and budgeting so to help individuals save for a housing deposit and move out of transitional housing.
  • Visit/volunteer at our farm!!!     We’ve partnered with www.costonoacommons.org and host volunteers every tuesday 10am-1pm and would love to schedule a special intro/workday for you and/or your group side by side with our special needs and homeless gardeners!   335 Golfclub dr., Santa Cruz CA
  • Hire one of our trainees! Our program is meant to be a transitional (and transformational) step towards longterm employment and housing…. We would love to work with you as a potential placement site for individuals as they grow ready to re-enter the workforce.
    Make a financial contribution. All donations are tax exempt and we invite you to direct your support towards general operations or specific initiatives:

    • Provide a scholarship for a local church or nonprofit to host a hydroponic unit and mentor one of our participants
    • Provide a personal hydroponic unit for a vet as a personal small business opportunity.
    • Contribute to participant stipends (allowing our vets to be self-supporting as they advance

  • Louisville Events

Louisville Events

Louisville Happenings-

Tuesdays 6PM RunPossible: 1029 S Preston St
Fridays 5:30PM Yoga 1st and 3rd Fridays of the Month; Zumba 2nd and 4th Fridays: 1029 S Preston St
August 12th  Step Forward for Mental Health Walk: Harbor Lawn @ Waterfront Park
  • Runpossible



1029 S Preston St.

In Louisville, Sweaty Sheep launched RunPossible, a program partnered with St. Vincent De Paul that provides mentorship and wellness opportunities to individuals facing homelessness and/or working towards sobriety and self-sustainability by pairing each with local community members such as YOU.  Through running and walking, Yoga, Zumba, nutritional education, and personal relationships RunPossible initiates a self-transformation process through exercise and wellness that aids in the development of life changing friendships and self-confidence.
Every Tuesday we meet for a walk/jog at 6pm and on Fridays at 5:30pm we host Yoga with KY Yoga Initiative or Zumba with a skilled instructor. All located at 1029 S Preston Street in the SVDP Family Success Center.  

Like us on Facebook 

Tuesdays 6PM Walk/runs
Fridays 5:30pm Free Yoga or Zumba


  • November Retreat!

November Retreat!


Need a break???
We will be hosting a contemplative retreat at Mt. Hermon this fall along with Missio Dei and Bayshore Church that kicks off Friday with a  kayaking and sailing dock party as a pre-retreat adventure.
The retreat will be help at Mt. Hermon and all the info is here.

Pricing is looking like this:
Kids 0-3: Free
Kids 4-17: $40
Adults: $166
Couples: $235

That includes accommodations and meals from dinner Friday to breakfast Sunday, plus programming. That’s slightly more than I mentioned last week. It’s still subsidized a bit for most. If that’s out of your price range feel free to use the prices I sent before. We don’t want cost to be a reason for anyone missing out on what should be a great weekend, so if it is a problem and you want to attend, please don’t hesitate to email us and we will make it work.


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