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We are a group of playful and deliberate wanderers who fail to accept "second hand religious" rituals, rules, and practices of the past.


We seek to experience the divine, not label it, and "believe in the power of play to overcome economic, social, and faith barriers in the creation of a holistic, affirming, and diversely unified community."

Need an example, read the latest Santa Cruz Sentinel recap of of Easter Yoga and Surf Sunrise Service!  

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  • God’s Garden Initiative
  • Louisville Events
  • Easter Sunday… Surf And ...
  • Tuesday Homeless Garden Yoga!!
  • California Events
  • God’s Garden Initiative

God’s Garden Initiative


Click here for our AMAZING BROCHURE!!

about this amazing hydroponic homeless community re-integration program…    We are indeed “sweaty” sheep as we continue putting our Orthodoxy into “Orthopraxy!”

We are thrilled to announce our first two “Homeless Gardeners” are no longer homeless!!!   Not only that, but with the ranch rocking and two mobile units placed, THESE GUYS ARE FEEDING PEOPLE!!!!   Stop by the vet center on Front St. Santa Cruz Wednesday at noon and sit with some special neighbors while feasting on fresh organic produce!

How can you help you ask?

  • Donations of gift cards: Help us provide for those who are working to provide for the community! These veterans are transitioning out of homelessness and any support towards food, transportation, social services, or therapeutic services (medical, nutritional, counseling, etc) is incredibly helpful.
  • Purchase one of our gardens: Gardens are scalable in size from 3×3 to 12×24 ft, can be set up as aqua or hydroponic, and structured specifically to grow a variety of herbs, fruits, vegetables, etc based on your community needs. Your garden will be built by a vet participant and we hope you will consider bringing one of our trainees into your community to train your team and/or oversee your garden!
  • Hire one of our vets! Our program is meant to be a transitional (and transformational) step towards longterm employment and housing…. We would love to work with you as a potential placement site for individuals as they grow ready to re-enter the workforce.
    Make a financial contribution. All donations are tax exempt and we invite you to direct your support towards general operations or specific initiatives:

    • Provide a scholarship for a local church or nonprofit to host a hydroponic unit and mentor one of our participants
    • Provide a personal hydroponic unit for a vet as a personal small business opportunity.
    • Contribute to participant stipends (allowing our vets to be self-supporting as they advance

  • Louisville Events

Louisville Events

Louisville Happenings-

Tuesdays 6PM RunPossible: 1029 S Preston St
Fridays 5:30PM Yoga 1st and 3rd Fridays of the Month; Zumba 2nd and 4th Fridays: 1029 S Preston St
April 16 7:15AM Annual Easter Sunrise Service: Dog Hill, Cherokee Park
  • Easter Sunday… Surf And ...

Easter Sunday… Surf and Stretch Sunrise service!!

What a fantastic morning this was!!!    Take a look at the Sentinels response to our out of the box means of ministry and inclusivity!  








Take a gander at last year’s fun…    and set your alarms NOW for Easter Sunday so as to not miss the most beautiful way to prep for Easter egg hunts and marshmallow peeps!

Meet for Yoga (a laid back, all welcome, fully inclusive sunrise season) at 7am infront of the Dream in on Cowells Beach.  Bring the kiddos as we have a kid-friendly session, and for those up for a plunge, bring a surfboard for an 8am community surf session!

Email Ryan at runningmango@msn.com or call 443-223-7334 with questions, concerns, or to say hi!   …and feel free to bring a friend (or 5), a smile, and an open mind/heart!

  • Tuesday Homeless Garden Yoga!!

Tuesday Homeless Garden Yoga!!

***Newsflash!!**  Its been a wet crazy winter…  But fear not, we will be launching back into the series mid-march!     Get excited!

Every Tuesday throughout the Spring and Summer the community is invited to gather at the Homeless Garden Project’s Natural Bridges Farm for a holistic day of gardening, food, and yoga. From 10-2pm the Farm will welcome volunteers to work alongside the Homeless Garden Project’s “homeless trainees,” planting and harvesting both metaphorical seeds of change and literal seeds of organic flowers and produce. At noon the group gathers for a fresh lunch, prepared largely from the Garden’s organic produce, before returning to the fields preceding an inclusive all-level community garden Yoga session at 2:15pm that will close the day.

This is a unique opportunity for “housed” community members to serve and grow alongside of our homeless neighbors in an organic sanctuary setting, ripe for storytelling, that inspires and empowers mutual growth and the formation of healing relationships. The root word for Yoga derives from the sanskrit term, “Yug,” which translated means “union.” This partnership between a local business, nonprofit agency, and faith community is a demonstration of the ongoing quest for “union” between our city’s corporate, faith, and outreach communities; and mirrors the possibility for unity in our community despite the diversity of our economic, faith, and social situations.

Participants are encouraged to join in both the volunteer day as well as the 2:15pm Yoga session; however, individuals may come at any part of the day. The event is open to the larger community, free of charge, though a sliding scale donation of $10-20 or more to the Homeless Garden Project is appreciated (especially for those participating in lunch.) The community is also encouraged to bring their own vegan dish to share with the larger group, and if coming as a group an RSVP for lunch is helpful so that enough can be prepared. Please bring a mat (there are limited available at the farm) and contact Ryan at runningmango@msn.com or (443)223-7334 with any questions or concerns.


  • California Events

California Events

(We are in the midst of forming a Santa Cruz chapter,

click here for a little info… Email Ryan@sweatysheep.com if you’d like to learn more about the program or have an interest in leadership.)

And Facebook “Friend” us today… everyone loves friends and you don’t want to miss an impromptu surf, sail, or hike invite!!!!




Rev. Ryan will be speaking at:

                        -Santa Cruz Unitarian (Freedom Blvd.) at 10am on May 7th and then 

                        -Trinity Presbyterian Church in Santa Cruz (Melrose ave) on May 14th.     


Both services will feature a ‘pop-up’ produce market as a farmers market simulation for our “God’s Garden” homeless community re-integration participants so come hungry… they will be making fresh juice and offering a variety of organic hydroponically/homeless grown produce! 

Wednesday evening Sails

Come chat,philosophi, meet some awesome people, dive into some equally awesome questions… all while playing pirate on Monterey bay!  Meet 5pm @ P Dock to join Ryan or A dock to join Cormac.  443-223-7334 for details

Dive Deep


Sunday Small Group…   Every other Sunday, 4pm, childcare available, relevant topics amidst open minds.   Throughout the spring we will be ‘diving’ into the world of Enneagrams!    Contact Bobby at 831-406-1334 (bobby@missiodeisantacruz.org) or Ryan at 443-223-7334 (runningmango@msn.com) for details

Wednesday Mountain Bike adventures with our Buddy, Pastor Danny and High Street Community Church.  Meet at the Church at 5:30pm and email Danny at danny@hscchurch.org

Sundays 1pm
We are having a blast surfing and sailing!!!    We sail most Sundays around 1pm and surf at various times during the week.  Email Ryan@sweatysheep.com if you’d like to join either and always follow us on Facebook.    You don’t have to know how to do either, just need to know how to have fun!!!
Tuesdays 10am-2pm
Garden Yoga @ Homeless Garden


We are getting the schedule for this summer down… stay posted!    Looks like we will also be doing a 5pm Thursday class at the lighthouse on Westcliff and series at New Life Recovery center.


Are you are Facebook Friend yet?  Well like us and don’t miss out on all the goings ons!





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