Sweaty Sheep

"Jokes and plays are words and gestures that are not instructive but merely seek to give lively pleasure..." says the playful, pudgy, bald Philosopher and Aesthetic, Thomas Aquinas.

..."We should enjoy them! They are governed by the virtue of witty gaiety to which Aristotle refers & which we call pleasantness. A ready-witted man is quick with repartee and turns speech and action to light relief."

This is Sweaty Sheep language! A group with the motto: Re-Creation thru Recreation and a belief that life and religion are far to important to be taken seriously!

"It is against reason to be burdensome to others, showing no amusement and acting as a wet blanket" concludes Aquinas... "Those without a sense of fun, who never say anything ridiculous, and are cantankerous with those who do, these are vicious, and are called grumpy and rude."

Welcome to Sweaty Sheep! A group of playful and deliberate wanderers who fail to accept "second hand religious" rituals, rules, and practices of the past.

We seek to experience the divine, not label it, and  "believe in the power of play to overcome economic, social, and faith barriers in the creation of a holistic, affirming, and diversely unified community."

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  • Tuesday Homeless Garden Y...
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  • God’s Garden Initia...

God’s Garden initiative… seeds of hope for the hopeless



CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE about this amazing hydroponic homeless community re-integration program…    We are indeed “sweaty” sheep as we continue putting our Orthodoxy into “Orthopraxy!”

  • Tuesday Homeless Garden Y...

Tuesday Homeless Garden Yoga!!

***Newsflash!!**   In November we will be switching to THURSDAYS AT DEPOT PARK as our homeless trainees transition to their job skills training.  Still 2pm, still the same great crew, still outside and awesome, and YOUR STILL INVITED!

Every Tuesday throughout the Spring and Summer the community is invited to gather at the Homeless Garden Project’s Natural Bridges Farm for a holistic day of gardening, food, and yoga. From 10-2pm the Farm will welcome volunteers to work alongside the Homeless Garden Project’s “homeless trainees,” planting and harvesting both metaphorical seeds of change and literal seeds of organic flowers and produce. At noon the group gathers for a fresh lunch, prepared largely from the Garden’s organic produce, before returning to the fields preceding an inclusive all-level community garden Yoga session at 2:15pm that will close the day.

This is a unique opportunity for “housed” community members to serve and grow alongside of our homeless neighbors in an organic sanctuary setting, ripe for storytelling, that inspires and empowers mutual growth and the formation of healing relationships. The root word for Yoga derives from the sanskrit term, “Yug,” which translated means “union.” This partnership between a local business, nonprofit agency, and faith community is a demonstration of the ongoing quest for “union” between our city’s corporate, faith, and outreach communities; and mirrors the possibility for unity in our community despite the diversity of our economic, faith, and social situations.

Participants are encouraged to join in both the volunteer day as well as the 2:15pm Yoga session; however, individuals may come at any part of the day. The event is open to the larger community, free of charge, though a sliding scale donation of $10-20 or more to the Homeless Garden Project is appreciated (especially for those participating in lunch.) The community is also encouraged to bring their own vegan dish to share with the larger group, and if coming as a group an RSVP for lunch is helpful so that enough can be prepared. Please bring a mat (there are limited available at the farm) and contact Ryan at runningmango@msn.com or (443)223-7334 with any questions or concerns.


  • California Events

California Events

(We are in the midst of forming a Santa Cruz chapter,

click here for a little info… Email Ryan@sweatysheep.com if you’d like to learn more about the program or have an interest in leadership.)

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Holy Homebrew 8pm @ Garfield Park Church… Come chat,
philosophi, meet some awesome people, dive into some
equally awesome questions… all while sipping beer (root or regular)sundaybrewsjpgin a completely inclusive (all are welcome) environment… (next up: Nov 6th!!!!)


Nov. 23rd  Interfaith thanksgiving eve

On Thanksgiving Eve we will be taking the opportunity to gather with friends from multiple different faith traditions and their communities to share words of thanksgiving, build relationships and learn from one another.

All are invited to bring scarves, warm hats, gloves, or socks as donations for the houseless in our community as we approach the holiday season and the cold weather.

There will be refreshments and mingling following the gathering.

Please feel free to spread the word with those in your respective communities.




We are having a blast surfing and sailing!!!    We sail most Sundays around 1pm and surf at various times during the week.  Email Ryan@sweatysheep.com if you’d like to join either and always follow us on Facebook.    You don’t have to know how to do either, just need to know how to have fun!!!


Tuesdays 10am-2pm Garden Yoga @ Homeless Garden

(volunteer from 10-2pm alongside the homeless and stay

for a 2pm Yoga class followed by a short time of reflection.)   …ending for the season November 24t




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  • Louisville Events

Louisville Events

Race Volunteer Opportunities-

February 6 Louisville’s Lovin’ the Hills: Jefferson Memorial Forest, Louisville KY
February 28 Shelbyville Triathlon Race #1: Clear Creek Park, Shelbyville KY
3rd Thurs 7PM Sweaty Sheep Monthly Service
March 27 7:15AM Annual Easter Sunrise Service: Dog Hill, Cherokee Park
  • Runpossible



1029 S Preston St.

In Louisville, Sweaty Sheep recently launched runPossible, a program partnered with St. Vincent De Paul that provides mentorship and wellness opportunities to homeless individuals working towards sobriety and self-sustainability by pairing each with local community members such as YOU.  Through running and walking, Yoga, nutritional education, and personal relationships runPossible initiates a self-transformation process through exercise and wellness that aids in the development of life changing friendships and self-confidence.
Every Tuesday we meet for a walk/jog at 6:15pm and on Thursdays an 11am recovery themed Yoga class hosted by the 502 Power Yoga crew!  Both at 1029 s Preston street in the SVDP community Development center  

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Tuesdays 6PM Walk/runs
Thursdays 6pm Free Yoga
Sundays 3PM Women’s Bible Study with St. Jude Recovery Program


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Christmas Eve in the Garden