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Our Volunteer lead Santa Cruz Sweaty Sheep Program continues to grow, but not without you!!!  

 Email if you’d like to learn more about the program or have an interest in leading any number of fun, formative, playful meet ups/intentional communities!    We want everything from board games to dancing, Art to hiking, sailing and surfing to knitting and sipping… Get creative and playful… and help us create a holistic community of intentional recreation.

Our Goal is to create a culture of ‘Compassion’ by uniting in ‘Common-Passions’… Using play as the “Common-Unity’ of a more cohesive ‘Community!” 

Don’t read any further before you Facebook “Friend” us … everyone loves friends and you don’t want to miss an impromptu surf, sail, or hike invite!!!!

  • Keep up with our new art initiative!!! Follow: Click 4 the TGIF event page!
    • Take a look at our puppet making playday from May 8th and don’t miss a TGIF happy hour moving forward! Password: 1W%6%#=5
  • Unbuntu Acres Gardening days at ‘Common Roots Farm‘:  Tuesdays and Fridays 10-2pm.    (activities for all!!!).  335 Golf Club dr.      (ON HOLD FOR COVID… contact us to order strawberries in the meantime!!)
  • Wednesday Reflective Sails!    No sailing experience needed and first come first serve (12 spots every week… so sing up today!!) Devotion and cast off AT 5:30PM (yes, late arrivals result in tears or a swim:). Text Ryan @ 443-223-7334 to save a spot!   (ON HOLD FOR COVID)
  • Thursday Special Needs Sailing! 145pm Help us make the bay accessible to all! Text Ryan to volunteer! (ON HOLD FOR COVID)
  • 1st Sundays worship at the Unitarian Universalist church on Freedom Blvd, 10am   (ON ZOOM FOR COVID)
    • This is exciting!  Each first Sunday we will engage in a shared service where Rev Ryan (your sweaty sheep guru) and Rev Russ of the uua take 10 min each to reflect on a topic such as doubt, human nature, transcendence etc…
    • This time also includes an amazing organic lunch and full array of formative supplemental breakout sessions for each age group centered at diverse faith exploration and inclusivity.
  • South Lake Tahoe ski and art retreat… a playful but purposeful learning experience on mental illness! Feb 7-14th (Mental illness retreat!!!)
    • Yes… this already happened but we are doing it again this fall so take a look!!
  • April 10th: Good Friday Sunset Yoga at Seabright Beach (look for the Sweaty Sheep Banner and bonfire!!   text/call Ryan at 443-223-7334 if lost.   Yoga 7pm-8pm (all inclusive and bring a mat if you don’t like getting Sandy!).   Bonfire and reflective conversation on the easter observance (all faith inclusive) 8pm
  • April 12th:   Easter Sunday Sail!! 1pm! Text Ryan at 443-223-7334 to reserve a spot (limited to 15ppl)
  • May 3rd:    Social Distance ending bonfire 6pm Moran Beach
  • May 10th:  UUA Zoom church : Credo Sunday! (writing your statement of faith)
  • May 11th:  Shelter in Faith-  Rev Ryan is interviewed along with the Santa Cruz zen center swami by legislator John /leopold! 10-1130am-
  • May 17th: zoom UUA 10am atheism vs agnosticism discussion
  • May 24th: Trinity church takeover:  Puppet show Sunday! 10am
  • Keep up via Facebook “Sweaty Sheep Santa Cruz”

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1029 S Preston St.

In Louisville, Sweaty Sheep launched RunPossible, a program partnered with St. Vincent De Paul that provides mentorship and wellness opportunities to individuals facing homelessness and/or working towards sobriety and self-sustainability by pairing each with local community members such as YOU.  Through running and walking, Yoga, Zumba, nutritional education, and personal relationships RunPossible initiates a self-transformation process through exercise and wellness that aids in the development of life changing friendships and self-confidence.
Every Tuesday we meet for a walk/jog at 6pm and on Fridays at 5:30pm we host Yoga with KY Yoga Initiative or Zumba with a skilled instructor. All located at 1029 S Preston Street in the SVDP Family Success Center.  

Like us on Facebook 

Tuesdays 6PM Walk/runs
Fridays 5:30pm Free Yoga or Zumba


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louisville cropjpgIt’s that time of year again! Ironman is October 15th, and there’s a ton of ways to get involved! First of all – if you’re doing Ironman, let us know on Facebook or by sending us an email.

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Pinkerton Raid Concert

Come out this Thursday for a concert and bourbon cook-off! Jesse DeContoJesse DeConto, writer for Christian Century and indie musician, will share his stories through song. Come listen to his band, Pinkerton Raid, eat some great food, and taste home-brewed beer at Calvin Church, 2501 Rudy Lane, this Thursday at 6:00!

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Puerto Rico!

Sweaty Sheep is sending a mission trip to Puerto Rico March 17-24. Pray for them as they work with Presbyterians around San Juan, and click the donate button on this page if you’d like to support them!

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