California Events

(We are still early into our Santa Cruz chapter,

click here for a little info… Email if you’d like to learn more about the program or have an interest in leadership.)

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So what better way to spend a few Sunday afternoons than hanging at the beach participating in our first ever build-n-play Uke-overy offering! We have 20 build your own uke kits and this is a weekly time centered around building up each other and our own self-acceptance and awareness! 5 sessions (the 1st a build and decorate and meet-n-greet day) and concluding each is an optional time of beach play and/or sailing! Super stoked! This is for anyone… with themes of recovery from depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, etc…     Stay tuned (no pun intended) for our summer session dates!


  • Unbuntu Acres Gardening days:  Tuesdays and Fridays 10-2pm.    (activities for all!!!).  335 Golf Club dr.
  • Wednesday night races!    No sailing experience needed and first come first serve (10 spots every week… so sing up today!!) Devotion and cast off AT 5:30PM (yes, you late arrivals result in tears or a swim:).
  • Sunday Bible Study Sails: 1pm At P dock all Sundays we aren’t taking over partner churches…
  • September 9-14th… Tahoe Retreat… Email us with interest!
  • Set 30th: Sailing Church!  Noon at P dock!
  • October 6th:   Farm Party!    Tapas and Tunes! 335 Golf Club dr
  • October 13th: Open Streets West Cliff (look for our booth and come play)
  • Keep up via Facebook “Sweaty Sheep Santa Cruz”
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