California Events

(We are in the midst of forming a Santa Cruz chapter,

click here for a little info… Email if you’d like to learn more about the program or have an interest in leadership.)

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WE REGULARLY TAKE OVER REGIONAL CHURCHES…   Services will feature a ‘pop-up’ produce market as a farmers market simulation for our “God’s Garden” homeless community re-integration participants so come hungry… they will be making fresh juice and offering a variety of organic hydroponically/homeless grown produce! 


-Rev Ryan’s at Evergreen presb on Oct 1st, Stone Church Oct 15th, Westminster Presb weds oct 18th, and more to come!

-Oct. 7th…  Costonoa Commons Outdoor play/work day (335 golf cart rd) then Capitola Fireworks!!


-Sept 13-24th: Sailboat rebuild intensive!!!

Sept 23rd: 9-5pm Garden workday at Twin Lakes Church (flier above) 

Sept. 24th-29th:  Tahoe Retreat!

Wednesday evening/Thursday Lunch Sails

Come chat,philosophi, meet some awesome people, dive into some equally awesome questions… all while playing pirate on Monterey bay!  Meet 5pm @ P Dock to join Ryan or A dock to join Cormac.  443-223-7334 for details


This one is going to be EPIC!!!

SEPT 24TH-29TH…         we have a 55 person cabin on the lake and plenty of relationship forming, self/social activities, good food, spiritual/emotional/physical development opportunities, etc…

Find out more:


Wednesday Aeriel Yoga at 111 Erret (Garfield Park Church) courtyard at noon…


Mountain Bike adventures with our Buddy, Pastor Danny and High Street Community Church.  Meet at the Church at 5:30pm and email Danny at

Sundays 1pm
We are having a blast surfing and sailing!!!    We sail most Sundays around 1pm and surf at various times during the week.  Email if you’d like to join either and always follow us on Facebook.    You don’t have to know how to do either, just need to know how to have fun!!!
Our new ‘Shepherd,’ Elijah Cooper, is helping to broaden our community by providing a bridge into the special needs populations of Santa Cruz and we have some exciting ways to get plugged in!


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