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Stay up to date with worship opportunities by following both “sweaty sheep California” and “sweaty sheep Louisville” on Facebook!  There are plenty of special services and events, but join regular monthly worship in Louisville on third thursday at 6p, @ st. Vincent, and the final Sunday of the month at 5p, for an evening of games, bonfires, and worship Garfield Park Christian (when not at the beach, in the mountains, under the water, or sailing the bay!!!)

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Best of the 4-letter words:  Gonzales PC; Dec. 11th, 2016)

Heaven on Earth: the power of PEACE (Garfield Park Christian; Aug 21st, 2016)


Diversity…  Surrender to the Watercolor Rainbows (Garfield Park Christian; June 5, 2016)

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 Heinz 57, French fried Potatoes… and a side of Prana?   (Feb 28, 2016)


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“Running For or from abundance?” Isaiah 55, Cherokee Park, Louisville KY (May 3, 2015)

Easter Sunrise Service in Cherokee Park, Louisville KY (Easter 2015)

Post Valentines day/pre-Ash Wednesday… 1 John 4 (Feb 15th, 2015)

“New Beginnings” Gen 1 and John 1 (Jan 4, 2015)

The Temporal Church… 1 Tim 4:8, Hebrews 10:25 (Jan 11, 2015)

Post Christmas “Epiphany” Service… Matthew Chapter 2 (Dec. 28, 2014)

A Leader or a Benchwarmer??  Matthew 5:1-5)